Robert Hearty Judith/Susan O'Hare/O'Hear/O'Here
Born: Ireland
Born: Ireland

Robert Hearty, of the town of Richardstown, Co. Louth, father of the Robert Hearty that married Mary McCabe, was married to a woman whose first name was Judith/Susan. Her last name may have been O'Hare, O'Hear, or O'Here. Her exact last name is uncertain. I have obtained baptism records for five of Robert and Judith/Susan's offspring. The records for their sons Robert and John show Judith/Susan's last name as O'Hear. One of Robert and Judith/Susan's granddaughters, Mary Anne Hearty, immigrated to the U.S. I have obtained a copy of Mary Anne Hearty's ship's passenger list. It says her final destination in the U.S. was Lanesboro, MN, where she was going to meet her cousin Annie O'Hare. When Mary Anne Hearty arrived in Lanesboro, MN the Lanesboro Leader newspaper reported she had arrived and would be visiting with her aunt, Mrs. Owen O'Hara. With the different spellings of the name I'm not, at this time, able to say exactly what Judith/Susan's last name was.

Robert and Judith/Susan (nee O'Hare/O'Hear/O'Hara) Hearty had at least six children I am aware of. I have listed those children in the table below. To browse any of the additional info I have obtained and posted to the internet on any of Robert and Judith/Susan (nee O'Hare/O'Hear/O'Hara) Hearty's children, click on the links in the table.

Children of Robert and Judith/Susan (nee O'Hare/O'Hear/O'Hara) Hearty
Child's Name Born Baptized Birth Loc. Other Info
M. A. Hearty
Apr. 28, 1847 Castletown, Co. Louth
Catherine Hearty?

Married Michael O'Hare - Jun.6, 1871, Dromin, Co. Louth
Elizabeth Hearty
Oct. 30, 1858 Gallows Hall, Co. Louth
Robert Hearty
Nov. 29, 1859 Richardstown, Co. Louth Married Mary McCabe - Jun.19, 1884, Dunleer, Co. Louth
John Hearty
Jun. 15, 1862 Richardstown, Co. Louth
Anthony/Andrew Hearty Jul. 20, 1864 July 20, 1864 Richardstown, Co. Louth

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