Here are a number of genealogy sites that I have found either useful or interesting. As you can see, it starts with my individual family history. I have tried to put as much info as possible into this part of my web site. In fact, its the major theme of this site.

Family Links

My Family Names - A breakdown of my individual family history. This includes pages for each family name that I am aware of, along with various documents, photos, maps, etc.

Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins - Some details on my extended family.

Chris and Lori McCabe - The home page of my nephew Chris and his wife Lori.

Brian and Heidi McCabe - The home page of my nephew Brian and his wife Heidi.

Harry Patrick McCabe

Hearty/McCabe - A Hearty/McCabe connection originating in the Dunleer area of Co. Louth.
Related names - Maynard and O'Dell

Some Minnesota McCabes - A possible McCabes of Dunleer area of County Louth Connection.

Colorado Connections - A possible Kernan connection starting in Victor, Colorado. Arnold/Coughlin/McEnany/McLean

Dr. McCabe - Home Page of Dr. William McCabe of Arizona, whose roots point back to Co. Fermanagh.

Clan McCabe - Home page of The Clan McCabe Society.

McCabe Family Genealogy Forum - Queries for all McCabes.

McCabes Of Louth - Location of the information center for McCabes from Co. Louth.

Test Page

Irish Links

Armagh archdiocese - The Catholic diocese that includes both Co. Louth and Co. Monaghan, among others.

Carrickmacross - Co. Monaghan - The big town near where my Kernans are from.

Carrickmacross Workhouse

Dunleer, Ireland - The big town near where my McCabes are from.

Irish Genealogical Society, Int'l (IGSI)

Ireland - The Irish home page on the EUnet.

Irish Family History Foundation - The home page of the Irish Family History Foundation, with a link to the branch for each county in Ireland.

Roots Ireland - Irish Genealogical Databases Search Engine.

Ireland Roots - Includes links to county specific message boards.

The IreAtlas - Irish townland database.

Co. Louth - The county of origin for my McCabes.

Co. Louth church records - LDS film numbers for Catholic records of Co. Louth.

Co. Monaghan - The county of origin for my Kernans.

Co. Monaghan church records - LDS film numbers for Catholic records of Co. Monaghan.

National Archives of Ireland - Lots of info on doing genealogical research at the Irish national archives.

Online Irish Names Directory - Look up any Irish name.

Irish Vital Statistics - LDS Film Finder.

Find it Ireland

Philadelphia Area Links

New Cathedral Cemetery - Home page of New Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia City Archives - The home page of the archives of the city of Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Archdiocesan Research Center - The home page of the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Research Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Germantown Historical Society - Home page of the Germantown Historical Society of Philadelphia, PA.

LDS Related Links

LDS - The Latter Day Saints family history library on line web site.

The Family History Library Catalog - Search the Family History Library catalog.

FHL BDM Index Films - LDS film numbers for Irish civil registration indexes.

LDS Irish Birth Film Numbers - Includes both the birth index and actual birth record film numbers.

LDS Irish Marriage Film Numbers - Includes both the marriage index and actual marriage record film numbers.

LDS Irish Death Film Numbers - Includes both the death index and actual death record film numbers.

Swiss Links

Basel - The home page of the Swiss city of Basel.

Various Internet Links

Clayton Library - Info about Clayton Library Houston, TX.

Ellis Island DataBase - Search the Ellis Island Online DataBase for years 1892 - 1924.

Find a grave - Find A Grave main web site.

Genealogy Bank - Newspapers search site.

MHS Death Certificate - Minnesota Historical Society death certificate search page.

The US Genweb Home Page

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